Since 2013, Camp Washington Urban Farm has been providing produce and education in Camp Washington.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide access to locally grown sustainable produce and education to the residents in the food desert of Camp Washington in Cincinnati. Our neighborhood has no local access to a grocery store or to fresh organic produce. We strive to transform an underutilized urban space into an urban farm to achieve the following:

  • provide greenery
  • produce natural, clean food
  • grow community-wide partnerships
  • foster principles of team work through teaching, working, harvesting, and eating

By partnering with the Camp Washington community and businesses, we aim to share our harvests and offer education to better the place where we have planted our roots. 

The Camp Washington Urban Farm (CWUF) is a special project of the Camp Washington Community Board, Inc. (CWCB), a non-profit development corporation.

Founded in 1975, the Community Board has worked hard to stabilize and improve the civic, residential, artistic, industrial, and business sectors of Camp Washington. In response to Camp Washington being labeled a “food desert,” CWCB Community Organizer Joseph Gorman led the establishment of the CWUF in 2013 by negotiating a five-year lease with Hamilton County, completing a business plan in 2016, and, procuring funding and staffing for the farm. The urban farm land is situated next to River City Correctional Center, also a County facility. Inmates from the center often complete community service requirements by working on the farm.

We hope to spin the CWUF into its own non-profit status by 2018.

Camp Washington Community Board, Inc. Mission

The mission of the Camp Washington Community Board, Inc. is to revitalize and build a sustained sense of community through the following programs and services: housing and real estate development, community development, civic engagement, enhanced social and recreational opportunities, community school, public policy through research and advocacy.

Special thanks to the Sharon Van Risseghem Fund, City of Cincinnati CNBDU and NSP programs, Camp Washington Business Association, Camp Washington Community Council and individual donors for supporting the CWUF. The Camp Washington Community Board is the fiscal agent of the CWUF.