A farmer's work is never finished. Check out our upcoming projects and see how you can help...



They've arrived! CWUF traveled to Indiana and pick up the kids on March 21st. The shelter is up and fencing is currently being installed. We would love for you to come visit and help us bottle feed these sweet girls! Check out our gallery for pictures of our progress and we welcome you to make a donation toward our start up costs.


Camp Washington art and mobile PRODUCE

Our friends at Wave Pool partnered with Spun Cycles and built us an incredible cart and tandem bicycle that we will be pedaling around the community and downtown area. Be sure to stop us if you see us and check out the events page to know where we'll be headed next!



CWUF is now home to a flock of chickens. The coop is up and the chicks are getting settled. Be sure to visit our volunteer to see how you can get involved.



Green house

We hope to add a green house to our 2 acres in the Summer of 2017. Be sure to check out our volunteer page and sign up for email updates to see when you can help and learn how to build a green house.




CWUF hopes to begin planning and planting a varietal fruit and nut tree orchard in the Spring of 2017. More to come!