Update: City Beat, 4th of July, goats, chickens, and more!

Welcome back, CWUF Family!

June came and went in a snap and here we are in early July. The farm is bustling with budding fruits and vegetables and the animals are thriving. Here's a little(ish) update to keep you in the loop:

We made it into City Beat! In their June 28th issue, City Beat wrote a lovely article featuring CWUF and we are so honored by their kind words and support. If you haven't read it yet, let us know...we have plenty of copies! You can also check out the digital edition here on page 33. 

In case you missed us, we were the giant ear of corn cruising down Hamilton Ave in the Northside Fourth of July Parade! A huge thank you to Hannah Foureman-Smith, Josh Smith, Natalie Mancino, Paul Grilli, Kathyrn Volk, Becky Davis, Joe Gorman, James Heller-Jackson, Bill Clark, Drew Littlejohn, and the American Sign Museum for all of their efforts in pulling off the greatest float in parade history! A special thanks to Rosie, Willow, and farm dog Lu for toughing out the heat and chaos in their first ever parade debut. 

On another note, we finished our electric fence! It is over a mile of hand-strung wire all powered by solar energy. After months of hard labor and enough shocks to knock us off and back onto our feet, we are proud to announce that it is finished and definitely in working order. We hope it will continue to keep unwanted creatures out and keep in our animals. With the new fence comes a huge pasture for Willow, Rosie, an the chickens to play and forage. Our chickens are free ranging and mostly stay within the fence. It's incredible to see how they have changed the terrain in just two months.

Speaking of chickens, we are eagerly and impatiently counting down the days until our girls start laying. We ended with a high count of roosters and unfortunately only have 18 hens at the moment. However, we are confident they will be great layers and have plans to add more. Farm-fresh, free-range eggs should be available in August. Stay tuned for more!

We have an update our goats, as well. As Rosie and Willow age and gain weight, they are becoming stronger and more mature. We are currently looking into viable bucks to breed our girls with this fall. Since goats have about a 5 month gestation period we are hoping to successfully breed them in October so we can kid in March. We hope this can be a great learning experience for our community, too. For now, they're just enjoying being kids, lounging around, bouncing around, teasing chickens, and eating as much as goatly possible.

We hope to have produce coming from our garden in the upcoming weeks and will be taking our CAMP cart around the community with fresh produce and eggs, more on that very soon. For now we are looking forward to installing more water-catchment on the farm, as well as creating fun events for our community to enjoy. Did I hear drive-in? Or was that U-Pick pumpkins? 

As always, please come visit and volunteer with us. Your help and support means the world! Be sure to check out our featured sponsors and new gallery photos. If you haven't yet, follow us on facebook and instagram. Stay tuned for more and thanks for reading! 

Sam and Kevin

Chicks on the ground!

The chicken coop is finished and the chicks are settling in! Thanks to a great team of volunteers and the rain letting up just enough, the chicken coop will now comfortably and safely house our chickens. The chicks are finally feathered enough to fair the unpredictable Cincinnati weather. We are excited for you to come out and meet them. Check out our calendar for more information on public hours.

Goats, Chickens, and Compost... Oh My!

We're a little late on the update. A lot has been happening at Camp Washington Urban Farm. In late March we drove to Indiana and picked up two beautiful Alpine dairy goats. They are happy and thriving and we just can't get enough! They will hopefully be great producers of kids and milk. The girls are still currently being bottle fed and we would love to have you stop by to help. Dinner time is usually between 6:30 and 7pm. 

We also added 30 chicks to our family! They are living inside but growing quickly and will soon make their way to the farm. We have black copper marans, olive eggers, salmon faverolles, black australorps, cream legbars, barred rocks, sapphires, and ameracaunas, all of which will lay beautifully colored eggs. Their coop is currently being built, as well. Stay tuned for more chicken news.

The wonderful team at Ohio Green Solutions donated and delivered over 80 yards of beautiful compost to CWUF. We have filled and mulched our beds and cannot wait to see all of our plants sprouting from the earth. We are so appreciative of their generous and quality donation.

We would like to give a huge thank you to all of those that have helped us on the farm this past month. We could not have succeeded without you. Thank you! If you too are interested in coming to see the farm or volunteering, we would love to have your support. Check out our volunteer page for more info!

2017 Kick Off Weekend

First, we would like to recognize the incredible team of volunteers that came out this past Saturday and Sunday. We were absolutely shocked by the progress we made this weekend and overwhelmed with gratitude. An entire 800ft of fencing posts were driven into the ground, foundation holes and posts along with the base for our goat shelter was built, we broke new ground on a garden bed over 100ft in length, grounds were mowed, compost was laid, and mulch was spread. We are so proud of this amazing community in which we've planted our roots. Your support washes over us and feeds us with encouragement and motivation. Thank you for your contribution and welcome to the CWUF family.

The Chickens Are Coming!!!

Well, we did it. We ordered baby chicks to incorporate into the farm and boy are we excited! We've got Olive Eggers, Black Copper Marans, Cream Legbars, and Salamon Faverolles arriving late March. We are hoping to add 10 more pullets (female chicks) to our flock in addition to these. Their eggs will range from green to pink and chocolate brown to blue. It will take at least 5 months before they lay their first eggs, but in the mean time we'll be putting them to work in the garden beds. We can't wait to share them with you! Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook for more!